Thursday, April 12

How do you make the famous bizarre food: Chicken Feet !!

I love Chicken feet!!! Chicken feet is a known bizarre food from Asia and Asian eat it like eating snake. I usually eat 5 to 7 chicken feet at once. In the second year of studying in Austin, I started missing chicken feet a lot. I miss eating chicken feet with a can of beer (in Taiwan the legal age to drink is 18 years old) too. Therefore, I decided to make my own chicken feet, since I have not yet found any restaurant in Austin selling Chicken feet. Therefore, I made this recipe based on my mother's advices and my own food knowledge. 

Simple Steps of making Chicken Feet: 

First of all, you need to buy some chicken feet from H.E.B. It is extremely cheap here, because Chicken feet is not that popular in Texas.

1. Cut off the nail from the chicken feet.

2. Boiling  a pot of water and put the chicken feet in for 4 to 5 min.

3. Wash the Chicken feet with cold water, and then prepare the gravy for braising the chicken feet. 

4. Used another pot and put "2 cups of soy sauce + 2, 1/2 cups of water + 2 onion(cut into four big pieces) + 3 to 4 Star anise + one teaspoon of pepper of Sichuan (depends on yourself, it is not necessary)  + dry red pepper" into the pot with washed Chicken feet. 

5. Braising the chicken feet with the gravy for around 2 hours. ( If you want your chicken feet to be soft, braising it longer)

You can stop the fire and get ready to wash your chicken feet, when you see the color of the chicken feet change.                                           

The onion help to make the gravy tastes sweet!

The onion totally braising into the gravy!!! It smell yummy now!!!

Enjoy it!!!! ( Soda and beer are both Chicken feet's good company! )

Wednesday, April 11


Onigiri is one of the Asian dishes that I miss a lot. You can easily get Onigiri from every convenience store in Taiwan and Japan. However, it is not that easy to get in here. Also the price is three times more expensive here! In fact, it is a very simple dish that Asian families eat for picnic. You can look at it as kinds of Asian sandwich!!

How do you make your own Onigiri ?!

It only takes you 3 steps!

1. Steam sticky rice and prepare the meat that you want to eat.

2. Put the rice as the first layer, and meat as second layer. Put the last layer with the same amount of rice that you put at the first layer and then press to form the shape

3.Coat with seaweed paper, and eat it right away!

If you are a seaweed paper eater, you can coat your Onigiri in this way!

I made my Onigiri with beef and it taste awesome!!! What is your Onigiri today?